The use of an online screening portal for federal Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC) certifications is becoming more common. The process is fast and convenient.

However, if organizations really want to maximize their WOTC certifications, they will want to incorporate a personalized screening experience for their candidates in addition to an online screening portal. It’s called the “two-step process.”

The first step is the online screening portal. An effectively designed online screening portal can handle a high volume of job candidates and creates an electronic record that provides information necessary to determine if these job candidates may qualify for WOTC certification.

The second step is for each job candidate to receive a personalized screening over the phone.

Here’s why this second step is important if you want to ensure you maximize WOTC certifications:

Ease of Understanding
While the online screening portal can be easily integrated into an online platform, it does not always deliver the best WOTC certification results. This is because the screening questions asked of job candidates can be complex and difficult to understand. If job candidates don’t fully understand what is being asked of them, they may provide incorrect answers, which can be critical in whether or not candidates will receive WOTC certification from a State Workforce Agency (SWA). A personalized screening over the phone ensures that candidates understand what is being asked of them during the screening process and can correct inaccurate information acquired through the online screening process.

Application of Household and Family Members
A personalized screening allows someone to speak with candidates to explain how the screening questions could apply to a family member or other household individuals. As long as the candidate is part of a household that may qualify as a target group eligible for WOTC, then they are eligible to pre-qualify for that target group.

Documentation Submission
A personalized screening over the phone can expedite the collection of the documentation necessary for submitting a candidate for a WOTC certification. This ensures that once the submission is transmitted to the appropriate SWA, the request can be processed without an agency request for additional information.

Creates a Smooth Process
The two-step process of online submission and personalized screening verification creates a system optimized for obtaining WOTC certifications. With all of the necessary information verified, SWAs can receive and process the information faster. A smoother process results in more certifications for your organization.

The best part? The average call duration for personalized screening over the phone is less than five minutes.

The two-step process ensures candidates are screened quickly, conveniently, and, most importantly, with accuracy. How successful has your organization been in obtaining WOTC certifications? Are you incorporating a two-step process? If you aren’t, some third-party organizations may be able to help your organization implement one.

With the Work Opportunity Tax Credit, employers can diversify their workforce and increase their bottom line. Download our information sheet to find out how Trusaic can help you get started with WOTC.