The state of Florida launched a revamped online platform that is making it easier for employers to obtain tax credits through the federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit.

Employers can earn up to $9,600 per qualified hire through the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) program.

The revamped online platform posed a challenge for the staff of the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO), which manages the WOTC certification process for the state. Among the challenges was meeting the technical needs of users as they dealt with new changes and became familiar with the new system’s platform. However, the result is a process that provides more clarity on the route to state certifications required by the WOTC program.

Employers are finding that the new online system has a number of improvements, including.

  • Expanded Application Search Options
  • Unique user dashboards displaying real-time data
  • Online Power of Attorney (POA) Submission Capability
  • Target Group Wizard
  • Excel Exportable Search Results

The Florida DEO said employers will see numerous benefits from the new online platform, including:

  • Allowing external users to utilize the expanded “Application Search” options to expedite the locating of and status viewing of submitted applications.
  • Unique user dashboards that prevent users from having to search applications for basic submission and application status data.
  • POA online submission capability that streamlines, simplifies and expedites the review time of POAs for consultants allowing them to begin application submission for their employer clients.
  • Providing employers with less WOTC experience the ability to utilize the Target Group Wizard to guide them through the IRS Form 8850 and 9061 questions related to the applicant’s selected target group.
  • Excel Exportable Search Results that assists all users in data conversion and mapping.

Florida is one of 34 states that have implemented some sort of automated WOTC process allowing businesses to submit candidate information for the WOTC program online.

If you aren’t already taking advantage of the WOTC program today and you have operations in Florida, now may be a good time to start. This new online platform allows Florida employers to more easily capture more certifications through the WOTC submission process.

Organizations can optimize their experience with the WOTC program with the support of a program like TaxAdvantage®, which combines online software that has mastered the application of the WOTC program, with the human touch of personal screening by Tax Credit Specialists. The tools for maximizing the amount of each individual tax credit are there in Florida. Will your organization be utilizing them?