We understand that your ACA compliance module will be discontinued after the 2022 reporting year and that you are looking for a suitable replacement. We are pleased to inform you that Trusaic has been chosen as the replacement provider by UKG, and we are here to provide you with a seamless transition.

Our comprehensive ACA compliance solutions are designed to help you service your employer clients, meet regulatory requirements, minimize penalties, and reduce administrative burdens. As your ACA compliance provider, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality service and support to ensure that your employer clients remain compliant with ACA regulations.

At Trusaic, we understand that ACA compliance can be complex and time-consuming for both PEOs and their employer clients. That's why we offer a comprehensive ACA compliance solution to help PEOs stay on top of their clients' compliance needs and avoid costly penalties.

Our technology consolidates, cleans, and transforms data into accurate, actionable intelligence to ensure flawless compliance reporting. Our regulatory expertise combined with our technology provides the basis for all our ACA reporting and compliance solutions.

Our ACA Complete® solution integrates with UKG products to simplify the process of passing data, resulting in a more accurate and efficient ACA compliance solution. This integration ensures that your compliance efforts are streamlined and accurate, giving you peace of mind and saving you time and effort.

With our ACA Complete solution, we provide everything you need to track, prepare, furnish, file, report, and defend your client’s ACA compliance. We handle ongoing monthly monitoring, both state and federal filings, and minimize your IRS penalty risk. Our dedicated ACA specialists manage the entire compliance process for you and your clients, so you can focus on your core business activities.

Our monthly compliance reports ensure you and your clients always meet regulatory requirements and never have to worry about penalties. In addition, we perform a retroactive audit to correct any previous ACA reporting issues and help you avoid them going forward. If an IRS audit does occur, our experts assist you and your client every step of the way in responding to the IRS and preparing for an IRS audit.

At Trusaic, we provide complete ACA reporting solutions, including monthly monitoring, federal/state filing, and audit assistance. Rest assured that our team of experts will keep you and your clients compliant and penalty-free.

We believe that clean data is the key to flawless compliance, and we have the expertise, technology, and human support to provide you and your staff with peace of mind.

Partner with us today to provide your employer clients with affordable and effective ACA compliance solutions that meet their unique needs. Contact us for more information or schedule a demo to see how we can help you streamline your ACA compliance offering.

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ACA Compliance for PEOs

ACA Compliance for PEOs

Sign up before April 30, 2023, and Trusaic will waive the entire setup fee for every PEO client!

ACA Compliance for PEOs

Effortless ACA compliance, unmatched expertise for PEOs


ACA Essential®

Forms preparation, furnishing and filing
for PEO clients

1094-C/1095-C IRS and state filing

1095-C PDFs

1095-C print and mail

Penalty Risk Assessment

1094-C/1095-C preparation, review and approval

Expert support for annual filing

Integration with UKG and all major HCM platforms

Pay Equity 102

ACA Complete®

Penalty free, comprehensive, full-service
ACA compliance for PEOs

1094-C/1095-C IRS and state filing

1095-C PDFs

1095-C print and mail

Penalty Risk Assessment

1094-C/1095-C preparation, review and approval

Expert support for annual filing

Integration with UKG and all major HCM platforms

Dedicated ACA specialist

IRS controlled group analysis

Establish IRS measurements periods

Monthly metrics, compliance tracking and documentation management

IRS affordability and safe harbor determination

Comprehensive IRS audit defense assistance

Complete visibility into ACA compliance processes

Same-day data retrieval for employee coverage eligibility analysis

Partner with the best

Accurate and hassle-free ACA state filing

ACA compliance doesn't stop at the federal level. We specialize in the accurate handling of ACA state filings for jurisdictions including California,  New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Washington DC.

California CA



Washington DC


New Jersey


Rhode Island

Streamlined ACA compliance for large companies

Our ACA solutions seamlessly integrate with UKG and other leading human capital management (HCM) systems, making it easy and secure to retrieve your data.

By partnering with Trusaic for your clients' ACA compliance needs, you'll offload the entire process and save HR, accounting, and benefits teams valuable time and resources. We even provide audit assistance and handle any penalty letters, giving you peace of mind and ensuring your clients stay compliant.

Unrivaled, holistic ACA compliance experience

Our comprehensive ACA compliance solution takes care of everything from tracking and reporting to defending your clients' compliance. We handle ongoing monitoring, state and federal filings, and provide monthly compliance reports, freeing up time and resources for your team. With Trusaic as your partner, you can rest easy knowing that your clients are always meeting regulatory requirements and avoiding penalties.

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Say goodbye to ACA compliance worries

Trusaic's ACA compliance services streamline the process of reconciling ACA information and filing with the IRS and state governments. Our advanced technology and expertise guarantee flawless compliance, freeing up valuable time and resources for your team.

With Trusaic as your partner, you can address common ACA compliance pain points such as collecting necessary data, keeping up with changing regulations, and documenting paperwork, and ensure that your clients remain compliant.

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"I highly recommend Trusaic to any company looking for a reliable partner in managing their ACA compliance. Their expertise and technology have helped us streamline our processes and ensure compliance with confidence."

Eric Wright
Benefits operations manager
PEO Client

"Highly recommend Trusaic! They exceeded my expectations and have made my life so much easier. Our partnership with Trusaic allowed us to streamline our ACA compliance process, saving our employers time and money, and giving them peace of mind knowing that they are fully compliant with all ACA regulations."

Leah Martindell
Operations analyst, health
PEO Client

“Trusaic has made a positive impact on our yearly ACA reporting processes. With multiple companies to report for, they have made our reporting process seamless and efficient.”

Michael G.
Enterprise (> 1000 employees)
Reviewed and Validated on G2


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