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At Trusaic, we believe in building better workforces, so you can build a better business. At the core of this commitment is Optimal HealthSM, a patented system designed to minimize costs, maximize savings, and provide your workforce with the affordable healthcare options they need.


Studies have shown that roughly half of U.S. employees would benefit from getting healthcare outside their company. But without the right data, analytics, and regulatory expertise, employers are unable to offer these solutions to their employees.


By combining clean, accurate data with advanced workforce analytics and expertise, Trusaic helps both employers and employees get the coverage – and the savings – they need. Here’s how we get it Done and Done Right:

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Identify potential cost-effective health care options for employees


Reduce the
employer health care coverage costs


Implement methodology for reducing health care
coverage costs


Provide options for future cost-effective solutions

  • We compile and curate complex workforce data from disparate sources, including both structured and unstructured employee data.
  • Using advanced analytics, we identify and resolve discrepancies, translating dirty data into a clean, accurate, and actionable resource.
  • We work closely with your HR team and employees to help them find and enroll in the optimal health coverage.
  • Providing guidance and regulatory expertise every step of the way, we help your company develop strategies for maximizing healthcare savings in the future.


We’re dedicated to helping you provide the best possible care for your employees, all while improving your company’s bottom line.


Discover how Trusaic can empower your workforce and transform your business through Optimal HealthSM.


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