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Our ACA compliance services provide you with options, whether you want a full-service approach to ACA compliance, including unlimited access to a dedicated ACA Specialist, like ACA Completesm or to provide basic assistance with organizing your annual IRS information filing using ACA Basicsm.

Our ACA compliance service options provide peace of mind that your organization will be in compliance with ACA requirements while saving staff time and money for more important activities.

Learn how our ACA Compliance Services can make the ACA less complex for your organization

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ACA Completesm is your full-service option

Our ACA Completesm compliance service provides your organization the most extensive suite of ACA services available – from monthly employee tracking to IRS Reporting to Letter 226J penalty response management – for full compliance with the ACA with minimized risk.

Here’s how you benefit:


Less Work

Never populate burdensome data templates again. Our ACA Specialists manage the entire process of consolidating and validating data from disjointed datasets.

Our unique fully-administered service model results in dramatic time savings for you and your staff.


Unlimited, On-Demand Expertise

Gain immediate, unlimited access to ACA Specialists who will answer any technical and regulatory questions, no matter how complex.



Our services are available at a cost that is highly competitive with “Do-It-Yourself” software solutions, but with much more value per dollar. And if you sign a three-year contract, you can save even more.

Our ACA Specialists are an integral part of your core service with ACA Completesm

Most ACA solution providers will offer you a template to populate with data and, after you have done all the work, send your information to the IRS.

With First Capitol, you’ll be assigned a dedicated ACA Specialist who will be available to answer all of your ACA questions, review critical monthly items to ensure compliance, and provide course-correction when necessary. You also get the use of our data consolidation process for maximum data accuracy.

Our ACA Completesm compliance service includes the following standard features:


Employee Tracking - Related Services

  • Annual Plan Review & ACA Tracking Setup

  • Monthly Data Consolidation & Validation

  • Monthly ACA IRS Audit Readiness Monitoring

  • Monthly GIGO Data Quality Score Monitoring

  • Unlimited Customer Service & Technical Support


Annual IRS Furnishing & Filing

  • 1094/1095-C Forms Preparation

  • 1094-C / 1095-C – IRS E-Filing Corrections identified via AIRS Reconciliation Report


IRS Audit Defense & Exchange Notice Defense

  • IRS Audit Defense/Response to Letter 226J

In addition, we offer these Value-Add options to help your organization address ACA compliance while optimizing financial performance and further protecting you in the event of IRS inquiries.

Value Add-Ons

  • 1094/1095-C Forms Distribution:

    ALEs are required to distribute forms 1095-C annually to applicable full-time employees. We will distribute the forms on time and save you the hassle of having to deal with more paperwork.

  • 1094/1095-C Forms Filing:

    ALEs are required each year to file forms 1094-C and 1095-C with the IRS or be subject to ACA penalties. That’s one less item to worry about come tax season.

  • Exchange Notice Appeals:

    State and federal health exchanges may issue exchange notices throughout the year notifying employers of employees who have received Premium Tax Credits (PTCs), the trigger to receiving an IRS Letter 226J. We can appeal the exchange notices to minimize risk to you. Successful appeals usually result in not receiving an IRS Letter 226J.

  • Annual Controlled Group Analysis:

    Employers with multiple organizations and Employee Identification Numbers (EINs) must ensure they are properly grouped for filing purposes. With First Capitol’s Annual Controlled Group Analysis, you will have peace of mind that the appropriate organizations are aggregated and that your ACA information filing with the IRS will be accurate.

  • Optimal Health:

    See to it that your employees are receiving the most affordable health insurance for which they are eligible, and save on your insurance premium costs as a result. With our Optimal Health service, everyone benefits.

  • Health Insurance Overspend Monitoring:

    With our Health Insurance Overspend Monitoring service, we can make sure you aren’t overspending on paying health insurance premiums. Each month, we reconcile your Payroll and Benefits data to identify where you may be overpaying premiums for employees whose employment status has changed. Some employers have saved as much as $100,000 annually.

ACA Basic-Blk-2

ACA Basicsm

Our ACA Basicsm compliance service provides you with exactly what it promises; a simple approach to help your organization successfully complete your annual ACA information filing with the IRS on time.

ACA Basic provides you with two options to meet your IRS filing requirements:

Option 1: 1094/1095-C Forms Preparation

Option 2: 1094/1095-C Forms Preparation with Code Analysis

Once you have chosen your option, we work with you to gather the appropriate information for your IRS filing.

The Advantages


Guaranteed Deadline Delivery

We will meet the IRS filing deadlines for your ACA information if your organization provides the necessary data by a specific date.


Quick Onboarding

We will obtain the necessary information from you to ensure the requirements for filing are met. An ACA Specialist will guide you through the process for preparing the information to provide to us. After that is done, your organization can continue its normal operations with no interruptions. 


Maximum Flexibility

Sign up at any time during the first 11 months of the year. We can prepare your ACA filings for on IRS deadline delivery no matter how large or complicated your organization may be.

No matter what your needs, First Capitol has the right ACA compliance solution for your organization.

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