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For successful companies, operating with dirty data isn’t an option. At Trusaic, we help companies achieve success through clean, accurate data that tells the real story. Combining data and analytic expertise, our patented Benefits ReconciliationSM system identifies improper payments and improves the bottom line.


Often, employers are unaware that they’re still paying for the medical premiums of former employees. Errors like these can come with a tremendous cost for employers. In just the past few years, federal agencies have admitted to over $1.2 trillion in improper payments, including hundreds of billions in improper healthcare payments.


By combining top-tier data expertise with analytic insight, Trusaic ensures that companies don’t wrongfully pay for health care costs, enabling employers to clarify the data, optimize resources, and reduce costs. Here’s how it’s done:

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  • First, we gather complex workforce data from multiple sources, including HR data, payroll data, benefits data, and more.
  • Using advanced analytics, we evaluate the data for discrepancies, including improper payments.
  • We work with employers to identify and eliminate unnecessary healthcare costs.
  • We develop actionable strategies to reconcile benefits payments and reduce future healthcare costs.


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