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ACA Benefits Reconciliation

Prevent overspending on health insurance premiums and increase your bottom-line

Often, employers are unaware they are still contributing for medical premiums for employees who have terminated their employment.

This situation can go on for years, leaving employers to pay significant health insurance premiums for employees who no longer work for them. By reducing the cost of health care, your organization and your employees can maximize savings on health care costs.

Trusaic's Benefits Reconciliation Service eliminates these unnecessary costs to ensure all employees within your company entitled to company-sponsored health coverage receives it, without you paying health insurance premiums for those former employees who have left.

Here's how it works.

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Trusaic's ACA CompleteSM compliance service uses the information gathered from our proprietary data consolidation process to identify unnecessary spending on health care.

Trusiac’s ACA Specialists review pertinent company documents, such as medical invoices, enrollment forms, waiver forms, and acknowledgment of offers forms, to:

  • Crosscheck benefits information with relevant databases, including Payroll and Time & Attendance.
  • Identify unnecessary funding allocations and potential savings.
  • Provide options for improving benefits tracking and record keeping to avoid paying unnecessary health insurance premiums in the future.

Our Benefits Reconciliation Service saves your organization from overspending on health insurance premiums, which will ultimately increase your bottom-line.

Don't spend another day unnecessarily contributing towards healthcare coverage for people who no longer work for your organization.

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