Mark Dwyer Interviewed for Bloomberg Law About Harvard Business Review Report

Trusaic's Mark Dwyer's Bloomberg Interview

Mark Dwyer, Trusaic’s Vice President of Data Science, is quoted by Bloomberg Law in an article on the increase in state laws governing pay equity.

Dwyer was interviewed about a new Harvard Business Review Analytic Services report, done in association with Trusaic, that was the topic of a panel at a WorldatWork pay equity symposium.

The report looks at the role increasing regulation, such as expanded EEOC reporting requirements and legislative changes designed to empower workers, are playing in driving the employer focus on pay equity. In addition, the report looks at how pay equity audits (“PEAs”) are crucial to helping organizations adapt to the changing business environment.

Dwyer notes in the article that risk of litigation and the patchwork of state laws with which employers must comply drive employers to be more transparent about their pay practices, and to explain why gaps may exist.

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